Q1. Why I cannot access the CRC OPEN website?

This is because you are using the Internet Explorer 9, 10 or 11 web browsers. You are suggested to use Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to access our website.

To download the Microsoft Edge, please visit https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/edge/download?form=MA13FW

To download the Mozilla Firefox, please visit https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/

To download the Google Chrome, please visit https://www.google.com/chrome/


Q2. Forget or retrieve username or password

For those who forget or want to get back your username and password, please contact us by e-mail at sports@crchk.com. Your English or Chinese full name and HKID number (Alphabet + First 4 numbers, e.g. A1234) should be indicated in the e-mail for verification. Please change your password when you successfully access our website.


Q3. Can I change my personal information, username and password?

You can change your contact information and password by log-in to our website. If you want to change your Name, Gender and Date of Birth, please send the correct information to sports@crchk.com. Please be noted that username is unchangeable.


Q4. Can I download the entry form at the website?

In order to work towards a much greener tournament, we encourage players to make online enrollment and payment. You may download the Entry Form at our website. Physical Entry Form can be found at The Chinese Recreation Club, Hong Kong (123, Tung Lo Wan Road, Tai Hang). 


Q5. Should I click "log in" or "sign up"?

Log in is for those who played CRC OPEN in the past years. All players would have their own account once he / she enrolled CRC OPEN (by entry form or online enrollment). If you would like to retrieve your username and password, please refer to Q.2.

Sign up is for those who have never played CRC OPEN and this is his / her first time to enroll any events. After fill in all your personal information, username and password, you can start to enroll events and make the payment. Please remember your username and keep your password confidential at all times. Do not disclose your password to any other person.


Q6. Why I cannot make the payment after I enroll a Doubles event?

This is because your Doubles event's partner haven't confirmed your request yet. You can see the enrollment states is listed as "Partner", you would not able to make payment unless your partner confirms the Doubles request. Please remind your partner to confirm the request before either one of you make the payment. Your enrollment would be effective once the entry fee is paid. Please <click here>for the Partners Request confirm procedure.  


Q7. If I fail to make online payment, can I settle the entry fee by paying cash or post a cheque to CRC?

You can settle the entry fee by paying cash or cheque at CRC reception or post us a crossed cheque made payable to "CHINESE RECREATION CLUB, HONG KONG". Please make sure you have written down your Full English or Chinese Name, EVENT NAME(S) and ENTRY ID(S) on a blank paper or at the back of the cheque.


Q8. What should I do if "This HKID has been registered." is appeared?

When you see"This HKID has been registered.", that mean you have enrolled CRC OPEN by entry form in the past years and you have been created an online account. Please refer to Q.1 to retrieve your username and password.


Q9. What should I do if "More than 1 partners with same HKID found. Please contact Administrator." is appeared when I search my double event's partner?

As the sentence show, please send us an e-mail at sports@crchk.com and mention "More than 1 partners with same HKID found and cannot make enrollment for doubles" . Meanwhile, please indicate both your partner and your's English or Chinese full name and full HKID no. (e.g. A123456(7) ) in the e-mail. Our official will help you to make the enrollment. Don't forget to ask your partner to log-in to our website and accept your invitation of enrolling Doubles events before you pay the entry fee. 


Q10. What should I do if "Can't find the User with HKID: XXXX. Please contact Administrator." is appeared when I search my double event's partner?

When "Can't find the User with HKID: XXXX. Please contact Administrator." is shown, it means that our system does not have your partner's information and record. Please ask your partner to sign up an account at our website. (Click Sign up at the home page)


Q11. What should I do if I want to change or cancel my entries?

You should send a written application of change or cancel enrollment to the Tournament Committee on or before 24th September, 2023 (Sun). 95% entry fee will be refunded and 5% will be charged as administration fee. NO application will be accepted on or after 25th September, 2023 (Mon). For any enquiries, please contact us at 2577 7376 or by e-mail at sports@crchk.com.